Cc: me


by Larry Sulky

    Risk Communication

Sly cautions: the air, the water, the soil, by priority of
breathing before drinking, drinking before digging.
Word goes out by every means available.
Dire warnings chew up paper like wasps,
spew up wax like bees, dancing figure-eights
to tell them where to find trees and oil to make more
paper and wax. They spare no resources
to spare their resources.
Carbonated copies rumble in their guts,
a slick slurry of recycling alarm. The volume grows --
fossil power, public health, grey fungus.
They grow queasy at the pace of disgorge,
but it won't stop. More and faster, more
and faster, right-away-all-the-time. They used to be
ignorant and lethargic; now they're
aware and paralysed.
What's the buzz?! Gimme the fax!
"Risk Communication."
Very well. Directive received.
Will attempt, once again, to make
contact, at great personal peril.