Cc: me


by Ruth Roach Pierson

*Professor Emerita and author of "Aide-Mémoire"

*2008 Governor General finalist for poetry


		        bordered by the body’s 
		   scribbled outline – a fading 
			    solarization negative
	      its white beginning 
		     to phosphoresce
			beneath the skin an uncurling
	     tangle of  filmstrip ripped 
		    from canisters – news  
     communiqués – instant – release 
			    phone – aka – sorry
				– as handmaiden 
		    erratic, perturbingly opaque

				I long to hold her 
		somehow – roll her into a cylindrical 
			tube like a kaleidoscope I can turn 
			    to reassemble and polish

			all the shards and chips 
				    until they acquire the clarity   
	      	the chiaroscuro of those pioneer cineastes    
			the brothers Louis and August Lumiére 

				or the master
			         of the imaginary 

			this figure – feet bound – mummy-like 
	       	in silhouette – a steamrolled 
		 		shadow of pitch black bitumen 
			 freshly spread on a country road

		    inscribed with barely decipherable 
	  figments of speech – power – debt – payment – want 
	          		  fragments of international 
				dispatch – located – yours – truly 
			into certified filigree