Elaine Whittaker



Solo/Collaborative Exhibits

2016 Ambient Plagues, Harcourt House Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
2016 Biofiction, Gallery 44 Members’ Gallery, Toronto
2016 Screened For, Knowledge Mobilization Forum, Peter Gilgan Centre, Toronto
2015 Shiver, Red Head Gallery, Toronto
2013 Ambient Plagues, Red Head Gallery, Toronto
2012 Cc: me, Red Head Gallery, Toronto
2010 (in)trepid cultures, Red Head Gallery, Toronto
2010 Spontaneous Generation, Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery, Whitehorse
2009 Tether, Red Head Gallery, Toronto
2009 UpArt: "Cases", Gladstone Hotel, Toronto collaboration with Red Head artists
2007 Spontaneous Generation, Red Head Gallery, Toronto
2007 Miasma & Les Trois Manques, Ont. Public Health Association Conference, Toronto
2006 Dreadful Visitations, Red Head Gallery, Toronto
2005 After, Gallery 1313, Toronto
2003 Assay, Shared Habitat 2: Festival of Art & Science, with Claudia Wittmann & Richard Mandin, Dufferin Street Space, Toronto
2003 Threshold, The Other Gallery, Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta
2003 Cloneology, Members Wall, Gallery 44, Toronto
2003 Salt Works, Kunstraum Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria
2002 Microbial Passage, Gallery 1313, Toronto
2001 No Lifeguard on Duty, Propeller Centre, Toronto

Curated/Invitational Exhibits

2016 Enraged, Inertia Ran Off, Curator: Rita Carmacho Lomeli, James/Wilson Parkette, Hamilton
2016 EmBodied, Curators: Julia Buntaine & Marnie Benney, New York City, USA
2016 (Animal, Vegetable)…Mineral, Curator: M. Rosenberg, Haber Space/Central Booking Art, New York City, USA
2016 Praising Science by Prizing Art, Curator: Arthur Clay, Fudan University Gallery & CFIC Gallery, Shanghai, China
2016 Screened For, Curator: Julia Krolik, Art the Science Polyfield Gallery, Kingston
2016 Inside/Outside, Cambridge Centre for the Arts, Cambridge & Homer Watson Gallery, Kitchener
2015 Red Head at 25, Red Head Gallery, Toronto
2015 Seoul BioArt, Curator: Arthur Clay, Gwacheon National Science Museum, Seoul, South Korea
2015 Compendium, Curators: Lorrie Fredette & Beth Giacummo, Islip Art Museum, USA
2014-15 Blood, Curators: J. Hauser, S. McCann, L. O’Neill, C. Ruthner, L. Scarff, Science Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
2014 Photomediations Machine, curated by Joanna Zylinska, UK
2014 Sciengage, Featured Artist, curated by Samuel Askin, Australia
2014 MEDinArt, Curator: Vasia Hatzi, Zakynthos, Greece & Copenhagen, Denmark
2014 Inside/Outside, Curator Donia Almassi, ARC Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, USA
2014 Occam’s Razor, Curators: Ana Klasnj, Robin Kingsburgh, Stephen Morris, Michelle Letarte, !dea Gallery, Ontario Science Centre, and Propeller Gallery, Toronto
2013 Toxicity, Curators: Jennifer Willet & Melantie Padilovski, Plug In CIA, Winnipeg
2013 Inside/Outside, Curator Donia Almassi, Blink Gallery, Ottawa
2012 Inside/Outside, Curator Donia Almassi, Red Head Gallery
2012 Being She, Curators: M. Jacques, B.A. Jordon, S. Hackett, C. Zeidler, D. Wang, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
2012 Some of Our Beeswax, Wychwood Barns Community Gallery, Toronto
2010 Red Dot Show, Curator: Gil McElroy, Red Head Gallery, Toronto
2009 Red Dot, Curator: Anastasia Hare, Red Head Gallery, Toronto
2009 Deviant Detours, Kunsthaus Santa Fe, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
2009 Spring Group Exhibit, Curator: Rui Pimento, Median Gallery, Toronto
2008 Celebrate 10 Years, Curator: Kathyn Hogg, Gallery 1313, Toronto
2008 Forest for the Trees, St. Francis Xavier Univ. Art Gallery, Antigonish, Nova Scotia
2007 Allegories of the Genome, Curator: Holly Longstaff, Outworks Gallery, Winnipeg and Vancouver, B.C., online gallery www.genonmic-art.com
2007 All Media, Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, Michigan
2007 Forest for the Trees, Il Gabbiano, La Spezia, Italy
2006 Quadratic, Curator: Don Monet, Cube Gallery, Ottawa
2006 Forest for the Trees, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto
2006 The 0.7% Show, Curator: Antonia Lancaster, Propeller Centre, Toronto
2006 Prima Materia, McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton
2005 Work Space, Curator: Mark Schilling, Red Head Gallery, Toronto
2005 Consequences, Contact 2005, Gallery 1313, Toronto
2004 Ex Pluribus Unum, John B. Aird Gallery, Sculptors Society of Canada, Toronto

Curatorial Projects

2005 Lakeside: Art Looks at Toronto’s Beaches, Gallery 1313, Toronto. Co-curated with David Liss, Phil Anderson, and Shelley Petrie
2005 Pixelware: A Sublime Forgery, Gallery 44, Toronto/Dazibao, Montreal. Co-curated with Sara Angelucci, France Choiniere and Marisa Portolese.


Canada Council for the Arts – research/creation grant (2009, 2000)
Ontario Arts Council – creation/production grant (2007)
Ontario Arts Council – exhibition assistance grant (2014, 2013, 2010, 2006)
Toronto Arts Council – creation/production grant (2001, 1998)
Banff Centre for the Arts – residency assistance grant (2003, 1999)


2016-ongoing Pelling Laboratory for Biophysical Manipulation, University of Ottawa - Artist-in-Residence
2007 Tissue Engineering Workshop with Oran Catts, SymbioticA/Subtle Technologies Festival, Toronto
2007 Tissue Engineering Workshop, SymbioticA/Subtle Technologies Festival, Toronto
2003 Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta – New Works thematic residency
2001 Toronto School of Art: Diploma, Sculpture, drawing, painting, photography
1999 Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta – Surface thematic residency
1998 York University, Toronto: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sculpture & Installation
1982 Carleton University, Ottawa: Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology


2015 Life Studies, OCADU, presentation and workshop
2015 Université de Sherbrooke, MA class, Département des lettres et communications
2012 Subtle Technologies Festival, Toronto, opening reception
2007 President’s Reception, Ontario Public Health Association Conference
2003 Salt Works, Kunstraum Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria
2002 Symposium, Shared Habitat 2, Festival of Art & Science
2002 Material Arts, Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto
2002 New X-Change, Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto

Selected Publicity & Reviews

2015 Julia Krolik, Elaine Whittaker, Creator, Art the Science blog.
2015 BioArt Exhibition; quando la biologia incontra l’arte contemporanea, Le Scienze (Italian edition of Scientific American)
2015 Karen Lipson, Islip Exhibit Explores How Science Influences Art, New York Times
2015 Heidy Mo, Spotlight Artist, Hye’s Musings blog.
2015 Tee, One Thought on Shiver, Spacefy blog.
2015 David Saric, Shiver, Art Toronto.ca
2015 Ellen Jantzen, Elaine Whittaker: Interview & Feature, Art & Science Collaborations (ASCI).
2014 Glendon Mellow, Unsettling Blood, Symbiartic, Scientific American Network.
2014 Steven Leyden Cochrane, Weird Science: International group of Artists explores the Frontier between Avant-garde art & Cutting Edge Biotech, Winnipeg Free Press
2013 Lisa Kehler, Toxicity at Plug In ICA, Akimbo review, Toronto
2013 Alison Gilmour, 3 Shows Offer New Ways of Experiencing Art, CBC News Manitoba
2013 Lukas Thiessen, Together, Science & Art Address Our Planetary Psychopathology, The Manitoban
2013 Glendon Mellow, Ambient Plagues Unleashed, Symbiartic blog, Scientific American Network
2013 Roberta Buiani, Ambient Plagues, essay for Ambient Plagues brochure
2012 Lee Jones, Elaine Whittaker, Art & Science Journal, Issue 1
2012 Roberta Buiani, Cc: me, blog, Subtle Technologies Festival
2010 Talia Dudin, (in)trepid cultures,TV interview, Art Sync
2010 Patrick Connors, (in)trepid cultures: Exceptional Art, Newz4U.net
2010 Matthew Purvis, (in)trepid cultures, BlogTO.com
2009 Gary Michael Dault, Tether, Globe & Mail
2006 Ministry of Health & Long Term Care, Awareness-Beyond the Traditional, The Pandemic Planner
2006 Peter Goddard, Dreadful Visitations: Art Meets Mad Cow, Toronto Star
2005 Jen Gerson, Life’s a Beach-full of Flotsam, Globe & Mail
2005 Gary Michael Dault, Life’s a Beach and then you Exhibit, Globe & Mail
2003 Susan Walker, Toeing the Biology Line, Toronto Star
2003 Kathleen M. Smith, Dance and Biology, The Dance Current
2002 Jennifer March, The Art of Science? Green Banana
2002 Charles Hackbarth, A Fine Specimen Indeed, Artery

Books & Publications

2016 Elaine Whittaker: Interview, Julia Buntaine, SciArt Magazine, August.
2015 BioArt: Altered Realities, William Myers, Thames & Hudson.
2015 Elaine Whittaker, CLOT Magazine.
2015 I Caught it at The Movies, Vlak 5 Magazine.
2015 Shiver, Laura Horne-Gaul, Tussle Magazine, May.
2015 I Caught it at The Movies, Changing Bodies Changing Minds, Issue 9, Interalia Magazine
2015 Cc: me, Wreck Park Journal, Issue 00.
2014 Ecology & Sustainability in Art & Science, Roberta Buiani, Techo-Ecologies 2, editors R. Smite, A. Medosch and R. Smits
2013 Ambient Plagues, Roberta Buiani, brochure essay
2013 Representing the Microscopic: New Ecological Thinking in Art & Science, Roberta Buiani, ArtNodes, e-journal on Art, Science & Technology, no. 13.
2011 The Symbolical Real, poem inspired by Tether and A Scree of Crystalline Blisters, poem inspired by Spontaneous Generation by Ruth Roach Pierson in Contrary, Tightrope Books.
2009 A Scree of Crystalline Blisters, poem by Ruth Roach Pierson inspired by Spontaneous Generation in Regreen, Your Scrivener Press.
2007 Dreadful Visitations, Ruth Roach Pierson, MIX, 32.2.
2007 A Thin Blue Line, poem by Ruth Roach Pierson, inspired by Dreadful Visitations in Aide-Mémoire, BuschekBooks.
2006 Everyday Alchemy, N. Cormier & S. Frater, Prima Materia brochure.
2005 Lakeside: Art Looks at Toronto’s Beaches, no.7, Relay, Sept./Oct.
2005 Lakeside: Art Looks at Toronto’s Beaches, Surface & Symbol, Summer.
2003 Blood, Tessera, Volume 33-34, Women’s Press, Toronto: artwork images/text.
2002 Biotechnology and Cloning, no. 78, Fireweed Collective, Toronto: artwork images/text.
2002 It’s the Carcinogens, Stupid, Lisa Murphy, This Magazine Vol.35, No.5, artwork images.
2002 Where No Window Was, Ruth Roach Pierson, BuschekBooks, book cover image.

Professional Activities & Memberships

  The Red Head Gallery, Toronto
  Toronto ArtSci Salon
  Art & Science Collaborations Inc., New York
SciArt Center, New York City
  A Space Gallery, Toronto
  Canadian Artists Representation Ontario, Toronto
  Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
  Toronto Environmental Alliance


  The Red Head Gallery,401 Richmond Street W., Suite. 115,Toronto, ON. M5V 3A8 416-504-5654